SerialRecord for Arduino


The SerialRecord library for Arduino sends and receive records, containing multiple integers, over the serial port.

The library is intended for novice programmers: it is designed to be easy to use, to detect when it is used incorrectly, and to detect and report when it receives invalid data. Data is sent as comma-separated ASCII; this format is easy to view and interact with the in the Arduino Serial Monitor, and is compatible with the Arduino Serial Plotter.

The library can be used with the SerialRecord library for Processing 4, but does not require it.



  1. Download a ZIP archive of this repository from https://assets.osteele.com.s3.amazonaws.com/arduino/SerialRecord.zip. Note: You do not need to decompress this archive file.
  2. In the Arduino IDE: ❶Select the Sketch > Include Library > Add .ZIP Library… menu item. ❷Select the downloaded ZIP file. ❸Click the Choose button.
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Once the library has been installed, you will find examples in the File > Examples > SerialRecord submenu.