SerialRecord for Processing


The SerialRecord library for Processing sends and receive records, containing multiple integers, over the serial port. It is intended for novice programmers: it is designed to be easy to use, to detect when it is used incorrectly, and to detect and report when it receives invalid data. It also has an option to display the data sent to the and received from the serial port on the canvas.

Data is sent as comma-separated ASCII. This format is easy to view and interact with in the Arduino Serial Monitor, and is compatible with the Arduino Serial Plotter. It can be used with the SerialRecord library for Arduino, but does not require it.



  1. Download
  2. Uncompress the downloaded archive file, to create a folder SerialRecord.
  3. Move the SerialRecord folder into the folder Processing/Libraries in your home directory.
  4. image

The next time you start the Processing IDE, you will find examples in the File > Examples menu item.


Note: Remember to make a copy of an example before you modify it. The Processing IDE, unlike the Arduino IDE, will not do this for you.