Physical Computing

Physical Computing

Visualization Tools

Map Explorer (source) lets students explore the map() function.

PWM Explorer (source) is an online visualization with sliders to adjust PWM frequency (or period) and duty cycle, and see the effects on the waveform, the average voltage, and a simulated motor and LED.

The Arduino PWM Explorer is a project, that includes code, for students to learn about PWM by adjusting a couple of potentiometers and seeing the affect on (1) an LED and (2) a simulated oscilloscope.

IMU Tools is a set of tools for sending IMU data from an ESP32 and receiving it on a command-line program or in a web application. It includes the source for an npm package that can be used in a web application to receive data via MQTT (any browser) or Bluetooth (Google Chrome). is firmware that runs on an ESP32 and relays BNO055 data wirelessly to computer via MQTT (over WiFi) and/or Bluetooth. is a set of examples that use relayed wireless IMU data in various ways: to animate one or more Stanford bunnies, and to graph the data.

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